Accounting services in Latvia

Accounting in Latvia

Accounting services in Latvia

Bookkeeping services

Become our customer and start saving money on your business accounting. For new customers we offer 1 month trial period which is totally FREE OF CHARGE. And as an extra BONUS we will give you a 30% off, for the next 2 months.

What we offer

  • Great communication100%

  • Confidentiality100%

  • Professionalism100%

  • English, Russian, Latvian100%

Up To 2 Employees

50.00per month

Up To 20 Documents

Up To 2 Employees

150.00per month

Up To 80 Documents

Up To 2 Employees

200.00per month

Up To 150 Documents

SAVE Money on accounting services in Latvia

There are a lot of accountants out there – Accounting services in Latvia, but our company might be the only one that really helps your business grow. Why?  You might ask! Well its very simple. We know that starting a new business in a new country is difficult and expensive. So our idea is to give you something where you could save your money, and in this case it’s accounting outsourcing services in Latvia.

  1. The first BONUS that you will get, once you start working with us, is the FIRST MONTH FREE OF CHARGE*. (So no expenses for accounting services)
  2. The second BONUS will be 30% DISCOUNT for the next 2 months.

Maconi will give you stability throughout the course of our cooperation, because, our aim is to provide organized and transparent accounting services.

We are a company that works with a wide range of companies and their sectors, such as trade, tourism, education, construction, logistics and many other sectors that require our services. So no matter if its bookkeeping for a small business or bookkeeping for a large business, we definitely can help your business grow. We guarantee precision and punctuality in all our activities as well as the security and confidentiality of the information involved.

*For customers who sign a 1 year contract.

Precise and reliable accountants in Latvia – Maconi. Probably the best company when it comes to accounting outsourcing services in Latvia.

Accounting outsourcing services in Latvia according to the law of Republic of Latvia.

Maconi provides different types of accounting services in Latvia for both small and large businesses. Our company employs a team of professional accountants with several years of experience, providing an individual approach to each client throughout the course of our cooperation. We offer the most favorable solutions to enable your company to grow faster. Regardless of what kind of business you might have, our accounting outsourcing services will help your business grow.

Business accounting services

What do we do? Here is a list of services that we can provide for your company.

  • Adjustment of accounting for previous periods
  • Outgoing Invoice preparation
  • Salary/Wage calculation (vacation, sick payment)
  • Tax accounting, preparation and submission to State Revenue Service
  • Services of chief accountant
  • Maintenance of the necessary accounting registers
  • Representation in the State Revenue Service and other governmental institutions
  • VAT declarations and channeling
  • Annual reports, operational balance
  • Annual tax declaration
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Reports according to the client’s needs.

Accounting outsourcing services in Latvia according to the law of Republic of Latvia.

Probably the best accounting services in Latvia – Maconi.

Accounting services in Latvia
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